Winter Wonderland: Moscow's Best Outdoor Adventures


Indulge in thrilling winter activities in the heart of Moscow

Moscow in winter is a magical place, with its snowy landscapes and charming winter activities. From ice skating in Red Square to snowshoeing in Gorky Park, the Russian capital offers a wide range of outdoor adventures for winter enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to embrace the cold or simply enjoy the beauty of the season, Moscow has something for everyone.

1. Ice Fishing on Moscow River

Ice fishing is a popular pastime in Moscow during the winter months. Head to Moscow River and try your hand at catching some fish under the ice. It's a unique way to experience the city's winter wonderland.


2. Ice Diving in Moscow River

For a daring winter adventure, try ice diving in Moscow River. Dive beneath the ice and explore the underwater world of the frozen river. It's a thrilling and unforgettable experience for adrenaline junkies and diving enthusiasts.