Moscow Regional Info

Moscow is a city larger than life. Everything is either very impressive or very imposing. With a population bordering 11 million, Moscow is the largest city in Europe and the seventh largest in the world. The past couple of decades have seen the Russian capital propelled from the woes of its communist era and demise to regaining its status as an economic powerhouse on the world stage. Today, Moscow boasts the largest number of billionaires anywhere whilst gaining the title for being the most expensive city too.

Built around the Moskva river (Moscow river), the city is laid out over an immense area offering visitors vast open areas not normally associated with metropolitan cities. The most popular, of course, is the synonymous Red Square, home to the postcard favourite St. Basil's Cathedral and adjacent to the equally famous residence of the Russian president and numerous priceless gems – The Kremlin. These are the natural starting points for any first time visitor to Moscow.

The rest of a vacation discovering the city is really down to preferences and the time available. Moscow has it all. History buffs will delight in the city's distinguished museums, families will love the fairytale-like estates and parks dotting the Russian capital, while if you are after a world-class act a visit to the theatre or circus is a must. Moving from one attraction to another using the world's second busiest subway, the Moscow metro is an attraction in itself and renowned for its architecture and artwork. The underground will efficiently and cheaply get you around to visit top attractions in Moscow such as the Seven Sisters or other famous landmarks, be it the monumental monument of Peter the Great, the gold domed Christ the Saviour Cathedral or the Moscow zoo.

Muscovites will not as yet win any awards as the most amicable people around but that does not stop them from creating some of the best social and entertainment venues anywhere. Whether dining out in top notch restaurants or jumping into the nightlife scene in extravagant bars and clubs, there is something to suit anyone and you will not fail to be impressed. The pedestrian Arbat Street, once the home of legends such as Pushkin and Tolstoy, is arguably the most touristic district in Moscow and bursting with shops, restaurants and street entertainment. If you've got cash to spend, head out to Tverskaya Street (Gorky Street) and Kuznetsky Most Street...where designer brands dot the area and chances are that you will shop till you drop. If you are feeling the need to be pampered or even cosmetically fixed to return to the top of your game...Moscovites know how to more than any other with the health and beauty trade always steadily growing.

So much to see, so many things to do...hop over to our accommodation pages for deals on hotels in Moscow, browse the updated events section to know what's happening, check-out the Moscow weather forecast before leaving and make use of our bespoke trip planner to make sure that you go to the Russian capital prepared and make the most of your time. My Guide Moscow has it all covered!