Other Landmarks in Moscow

Considering Moscow’s important and eventful past, it comes as no surprise that the city is dotted with a number of other famous landmarks. The aim of this page is to help identify these familiar sights and to give you a couple of alternative attractions that are worth a visit. 

The Old Arbat Street 

Made famous by its former world-renowned residents such as Pushkin and Tolstoy, today Old Arbat Street is a tourist trap full of souvenir shops, mimes and painters. It is arguably the most famous street in Moscow. 

The White House 

This is the Office of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. It was particularly made famous in 1993 when screens across the world televised its siege during the struggle for power after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Tverskaya Street 

Also known as Gorky Street, Tverskaya Street is the main thoroughfare in Moscow. This is the most expensive shopping street in Russia’s capital and the centre of Moscow’s nightlife and entertainment. 

Kuznetsky Most Street 

The hilly street leading to the KGB building in Lyubyanka was once home to the best shops in Russia and a meeting place for Moscow’s beau monde. One hundred and fifty years on and many luxury shops have opened once again in the historic Kuznetsky Most street. 

Triumphal Arch 

Located in the centre of Victory Square, the Triumphal Arch was built to commemorate the great events of the Patriotic War of 1812. It faces the Moscow city entrance on one side and Victory Park on the other with the Red Fountains leading straight to the War Museum.

Monument of Peter the Great 

The statue of Peter the Great in Moscow just off Gorky Park is, at 94 meters, the seventh tallest statue in the world. A very unpopular structure it has regularly topped polls for its ugliness. Hearsay has it that it was originally a Columbus statue rejected by the US government and eventually sold to the Soviets. 

Moscow Zoo 

Recently renovated with waterfalls and streams to give it a more natural feeling, the Moscow Zoo is well kept and has over 6,000 animals making it the largest zoo in Russia. A great day out for all the family. 

Moscow International Business Centre (Moscow-City) 

This modern high rise complex dominates the city skyline on Moscow’s western part. A landmark for Russia’s great economic resurgence, Moscow-City is still under construction and set to become the first development in Russia to combine business, residential and entertainment space. An estimated quarter-million people will use the complex at any one time and the project is estimated at over $12 billion.