IWC Christmas Bazaar.

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a wide variety of entertainment from various dancers, musicians from nations across the globe

Join the lovely ladies of Moscow's International Women's Club for the 26th annual Winter Bazaar. Taking place on November 29 at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, the event brings together club members from more than 60 embassies for one of the city's largest holiday-season fund-raising events. 

Raddison Slavyanskaya Hotel

Last year's Winter Bazaar attracted some 4,500 guests. This year, under the watchful eye of the IWC's new president, Ms. Afrah Alfaddaghi, spouse of the Ambassador of Kuwait, the organization is aiming to up the ante and go one better. Plans call for a wide variety of entertainment from various dancers, musicians and other artists from nations across the globe.

Fittingly for the holiday season, guests will find an abundance of knickknacks and other gift ideas. And for those looking for a little more immediate gratification, there will be ethnic cuisine to sate the palate and fill the tummy.

Malaysia is at Christmas Bazaar

Of course, the Winter Bazaar isn't just about having a good time. The event aims to raise money for various charities – last year's fair raised 7.3 million rubles for good causes and the organizers of this year's bazaar are looking to do no worse this year. 

Christmas lottery

The International Women's Club focuses on aiding charities that help children in need. However, a third of donated funds go to the elderly and the destitute. Among those who receive the club's donations are Mother Teresa’s Home for Orphans (arts and craft supplies for disabled children), Salesian Fathers’ Foster Home (food and household expenses for foster children), Tourmaline Social Rehabilitation Center (food and beverages for a day care center for disabled children and adults), Big Change Educational Center for Russian Orphans (funding for three mentors who provide support for orphans about to start independent lives), Speransky Children’s Hospital (medical supplies and puppet shows for children suffering from burns), and the Church of Birth of Mother of God in Yaroslavl (food for five people with no income who are restoring the church), among other worthwhile charities.

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