Paying Bills and Utilities

Paying Bills and Utilities

In Russia, the majority of bills and utilities will be included in your rental package. If not, do not fear! Bills and utilities are typically cheaper than in other countries and once you know the ropes, paying them shouldn’t cause too much of a problem!


Heating and Building Maintenance

These are sometimes referred to as ‘communal charges’ as they are typically on a fixed rate per month.


This is metered and you must take a meter reading each month and fill in a form which you then use to pay your bill. The meters are usually found in the hallway of your apartment or on the landing.


You will have a hot water meter and a cold water meter. You will need to take a meter reading each month and calculate the difference from the month before, which is what you will pay. Water meters are usually found in the bathroom.

Landline Phone

This is usually not included in your rent. Landline calls within Moscow are very cheap so it is worth having a landline to call your new Moscow friends! Each month you pay a fixed charge of around 500 roubles and you receive a quantity of minutes to call local numbers. You can also buy phone cards for use on landline phones with very competitive rates for calling abroad.

The main phone operator in Moscow is MGTS who can also provide you with internet and a range of other services such as cable television.


As Moscow has a wide range of internet packages depending on your anticipated usage, this is also usually paid separately from your rent. There are a number of internet providers in Moscow, including Akado , Beeline , MGTS , MTS and RINET .

The first option is subscribing to a Wi-Fi access point. This option involves paying a monthly subscription which grants you access to city-wide Wi-Fi hotspots. But be sure to check access from your home before subscribing!

The second option is home broadband. This is better for multiple users, as more than one user can be logged on to the network at a time. There will be a one-off connection fee and there will usually be a charge for the equipment.

Methods of Payment

Should you be paying them yourself, your utility bills will appear in your post box once a month. Be careful not to throw them out as they are not always in envelopes! You will not usually receive a paper internet bill so make a note of the day that your internet is due to be paid.

Bills can be paid in banks and post offices, at the numerous payment terminals dotted all over the city, by mobile phone or online. Be sure to check commission rates as they do vary between payment options!