Working in Moscow


1. As more and more international companies arrive for a piece of the action on the Russian market, so do many expats and their families, enticed by the city’s unquestionable intrigue and (usually) an attractive relocation package. Check out the following websites for opportunities:

2. But it is not just business people that come to the city that never sleeps. As international business grows, so does the need for English teachers to train the Russian staff. There is an ever growing demand for experienced and newly qualified teachers. Full and part time vacancies are added to job sites every day and while the main intakes are in September and January there are many advertised all year round.

The city’s English speaking kindergartens and nursery schools are also on the increase and qualified and experienced teachers of young learners are in very high demand.

Try the following sites for teaching positions all year round:

3. Native English speakers are sought out to work as nannies and governors or governesses for wealthy Muscovite families. If you are passionate about working with children then this can be a fantastic way to progress in your career and save money – the salary is attractive and free accommodation are usually provided.

The following companies recruit nannies and governors or governesses in Russia:


  • If you are planning to come to Moscow long term you are advised to look for a job that provides you with a long term (1 year +) work visa. Otherwise you will need to leave every 90 days.
  • CHECK any companies before you accept a position and read your contract thoroughly.
  • If your potential employer doesn’t provide you with any accommodation support, try to negotiate this. Finding a property in Moscow can be a nightmare so some insider help is always very welcome! See "Real Estate" for further details.