Sheremetyevo International Airport

The Sheremetyevo International Airport was opened in 1960 and has been the main international airport ever since. However, growing competition from the new Domodedovo airport built in 2000, a major renovation has been done at the cost of $87 mln for Terminal C and Terminal D. The Terminal-2, now known as Terminal F, is still functioning but under major reconstruction which is to be completed by the end of 2010. The current airport capacity is 5 million people a year, and after the reconstruction will be completed this figure will rise up to 40 million people a year.

Ten kilometres (10km) away from Moscow on the Leningradskoye highway, the Sheremetyevo International Airport is relatively close to Moscow. However, the often jammed highway is a constant headache for travellers arriving, sometimes too late to catch their flight, by car.

There is direct railway communication between the Belorussky Railway Station and the Sheremetyevo International Airport. On their way to Sheremetyevo, trains make a stop at the Savelovsky Railway Station. Trains going from the airport do not make this stop. 
From the Belorussky Railway Station
Address: 7, Tverskoy Zastavy Square; Belorusskaya metro station.
Travel time: 35 minutes, the fare is relatively cheap and is around 7 euros.
Aeroexpress information service: 8 800 700-33-77, calls are free.
From the Savyolovsky Railway Station
Travel time: 30 minutes, the fare is relatively cheap and is around 7 euros.
By buses 817 and 851 or shuttle buses 48, 49 and 200M
Travel duration: 15–20 minutes.
From 6:00 till 23:00.
You can get from Terminal 1 or Terminal C to Terminal F by bus 851. 
You can get from Terminal F to Terminal 1 or Terminal C by bus 817.
Terminal 1. The bus stop is in front of the Arrivals pavilion near the entrance to the luggage room. The stop of OAO Aeroflot buses for transit passengers is situated nearby. 
Terminal F. The stop is in the first floor by the entrance to the Aeroexpress terminal.