Health Care

PLEASE make sure you have suitable health insurance before arriving!!!


While health care in Moscow has improved over the last few years, the state health service is still below Western standards and riddled with corruption. For that reason, it is a good idea to suss out your local English-speaking clinic as soon as possible. These are now plentiful and you should have no problem finding one in your area. Here is a list to get you started:

            American Medical Center          

            European Medical Center          

            GMS Clinic         

       In an Emergency

Russian hospitals are not the most comforting of places to be in an emergency. Here are some medical centres that offer an ambulance and emergency service                   

                  Europ Assistance CIS            


Dental Care

As with clinics, there are a number of reputable Western dental clinics in Moscow who can provide a wide range of services. Your local clinic may provide dental services so it is worth checking there first. If not, here is a list of good dentists:

                          American Dental Center             

                          European Dental Center            

  • Address: 1st Nikoloschepovskiy pereulok, 6, str. 1
  • Metro: Smolenskaya
  • Tel: 8-495-933-0002
  • Email:
  • Website:

                          French Dental Clinic      

                           German Dental Care    

  • Address: Yuliusa Fuchika ulitsa, 11/13
  • Metro: Mayakovskaya
  • Tel: 8-495-926-1520, 8-495-254-3710
  • Website:


Moscow has an abundance of pharmacies and you will never be far away from one wherever you are in the city. Please see our Pharmacies page for more details of reputable pharmacies. 

Many medicines that would usually require a prescription are available ‘over the counter’ in Moscow. However, as brand names vary from country to country please make sure that you know the chemical name of the medicine that you require. 

Pharmacies also stock cosmetics, toiletries, dietary supplements and sometimes even contact lenses. 

Contact lenses can be purchased in Moscow without a prescription, but they are more expensive than in the West. For this reason, it is worth stocking up before you come to Moscow. 

Take good care of your eyes and skin whilst in Moscow. A combination of heating, pollution and ‘hard’ water can leave them feeling dry and itchy so it is worth keeping some eye drops and a small bottle of moisturiser on you if possible.