Tasty Steaks in Lawson Bar

Mon Jul 25th 2016 to Sun Aug 28th 2016
Blagoveschenskiy lane, 1A, Moscow Region, Moscow-
Lawson's Bar

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Lawson’s Bar is a unique place where good old traditions unites with hot new trends. Another achievement is the appearance of steaks in the menu; though it had not happened long ago many guests have already found Black Angus steaks truly unforgettable.
Flet de boeuf is the most tender part of a caw and here, at Lawson’s Bar they’ve decided to emphasize this tenderness with whiskey sauce. Auld Reekie is a kind of Scottish vision of meet, it reminds us the times Edinburgh was on fire because of smoky whiskey sauce added. Chuck Roll is a little bit like Ribeye but it is softer and more flavored, New York steak is an immortal classic, Scottish steak is ONE kilogram of selected meet, and Machete steak will charm those who prefer an intensive meet taste.  
Ok, so to sum up, what do we have? Delicious steaks, filling burgers and a wide choice of beer and whiskey – all of this is about Lawson’s Bar! And don’t forget to ask your waiter about the Steak of the Day which you can have for – ready? – just 699 rubles!

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