Wed Mar 1st 2017 to Sun Mar 12th 2017
Nizhnya Syromyatnicheskaya 10, Moscow Region, Moscow

Event Details

A multimedia exhibition COSMOS.LOVE is dedicated to all those who are inspired by the infinity of the Universe, it is based on the evolutionary history of our concepts of the Universe from the utopian idea of resettling the mankind on Mars to present-day space exploration technologies.
Amazing live sketches of the Universe, planets of the Solar System, ideas and dreams of pioneers of space, Earth’s view from space and space viewed from Earth, launches of rockets and spacecraft, lift-offs of space vehicles, space ports and International Space Station, the most advanced astounding audio-visual effects… The organizers of the exhibition  guarantee that you’ll understand what open space really feels like. The venue is open until March 12! Ticket prices start at 450 rubles. .

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