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Quality and excellent flavor of meals are top priority for Teremok!

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You can't find better place to taste famous Russian blini than Teremok! Opened in 1998, Teremok transformed from a couple of pancake stands into a fast-food chain of homemade food that includes over 260 restaurants and cafes in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and other big cities in
Russia. Every year about 30 million customers visit Teremok restaurants. And it is no wonder that Teremok has been considered one of the 5 most popular fast-food chains in Russia. Last year, according to the media group RBC, Teremok took the second place in Russia for the number of restaurants. In 2011, CNN presented 8 best fast-food concepts in the world, including Russian Teremok. At 2015, Teremok will plan to open 2 cafes in New York.

It's important that Teremok differs significantly from usual fast-food chains - ready-made food and semi-finished products are not used here. Teremok works in fast casual format: all pancakes are made-to-order for every customer; all ingredients and dough are guaranteed fresh and delivered each night to the restaurants before opening. Quality and excellent flavor of meals are top priority for Teremok!

Teremok offers delicious crepes with traditional and sweet fillings and a large selection of healthy homemade meals: soups, porriges, dumplings, salads, meatballs, desserts and original branded beverages. The menu is constantly updated so that everyone could find his favorite meal. In Teremok you can always choose an extra filling and make up your own crepe. Everybody knows that Russian cuisine is a very hearty one. But don't be afraid to gain extra kilograms - The Calories Calculator at the website will help you count your ideal portion. Teremok doesn't stand off any public holidays in Russia and takes an active part by introducing new menu and organizing huge events, one of the most popular ones is, of course, Maslenitsa Festival. This year, at the TSUM square, the guests have been surprised by crepes of various colors. Visiting Teremok just once, you will never forget its brand welcome in old Russian style, common in the 18-19 centuries - Sudar (for Gentleman) and Sudarynya (for Lady).

All Teremok adresses you can find via the link http://teremok.ru/address/msk/

Address: Manezhnaya square, 1 http://teremok.ru/address/msk/ , Moscow Region View Larger Map