Sorgfältig ausgewählt von einem Moscow Einheimischen Experten, wir bringen Ihnen unseren Leitfaden zu 'Das Beste für Kinder'.

Moskau, die Hauptstadt Russlands, ist ein faszinierendes Reiseziel für Familien mit Kindern. Die Stadt bietet eine Vielzahl an kinderfreundlichen Aktivitäten, die sowohl Bildung als auch Spaß kombinieren. Einer der Höhepunkte für Kinder ist der Besuch des Zirkus in Moskau, der eine jahrhundertealte Tradition der Unterhaltung fortsetzt. Ein weiteres Muss ist der Gorki Park, ein weitläufiger Park mit Spielplätzen, Bootsverleih und verschiedenen Attraktionen. Für kleine Entdecker empfiehlt sich ein Besuch im interaktiven Wissenschaftsmuseum, wo Kinder spielerisch die Welt der Wissenschaft erkunden können. Wenn die Kleinen von Geschichte fasziniert sind, bietet sich ein Besuch im Kreml an, um das Herz Russlands hautnah zu erleben. Moskau ist eine Stadt voller Möglichkeiten für Kinder, die sicherlich für unvergessliche Erlebnisse sorgen wird.

Moscow Cats Theatre

Yuri Kuklachev's Cat Theatre, which was established in 1990, settled in the former 'Prizyv' cinema building, located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt (avenue). Yuri Kuklachev and his like-minded friends - designers, painters and photographers - transformed the building into a cozy and unique world. This world doesn't know anything about wars and quarrels, here cats live peacefully with dogs, and grown-ups d...

Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoological Park has come a long way from a small zoological garden to the large scientific, educational and conservation institution of today. The Moscow Zoological garden was founded by the All-Russia Emperor Society for Acclimatization of Plants and Animals in the middle of XIX century; it was opened for visitors on 13 of February 1964. Anatoly P. Bogdanov, Professor of the Moscow St...


Moscow planetarium is one of the most interesting places to visit, there are various objects which illustrate fundamental physical laws and interactive activities when somebody can control the toy moon probe or simulate a thunderstorm. The museum is not far from the zoo, right in the heart of Moscow and has a recognizable dome. Cucumber top shaped it catches the eye immediately and is really po...

The Flying Banana Theatre

The Flying Banana Children's Theatre is the only English language theatre for children in Moscow. British actors and musicians together with the theater director Martin Cooke and the sand artist Liliya Chistina will lead your children to wonderful world of fairy tales. All the shows are friendly, homely and cozy. The troop always keeps the needs of small children in mind as the theatre is meant f...


The Moscow Maritime Aquarium is a public Oceanarium and located on Chistye Prudy in the city centre; so it is very conveniently situated to visit. Fish of all shapes and sizes, sea urchins, starfish and other living creatures of the seas and oceans from all over the world can be seen here. The different types of marine life available on display and on sale literally run into the hundreds. Guide...

Empire Swim Academy

Empire Swim Academy provides expatriates and residents of City of Moscow, Russia with the best quality swim programs that develop the physical, athletic and personal potential for all ages and levels. The aim of Empire Swim Academy is to provide a range of comprehensive swimming programs for expatriates community of the City of Moscow, Russia that are suitable for all ages and levels. This club...


One of the largest aquariums in the world, Moscow Aquarium features 8,000 animals that occupy saltwater 80 tanks. Located at VDNKH All-Russian Exhibition Center, the newly opened aquarium is a part of the Center of Oceanography and Sea Biology, where you can admire fish from all over the world, have fun at a touch pool with sea stars, carps and stingrays, see a show at the sea theater that seats u...

Kva-Kva Park Welcome to the largest indoor water park in Europe! Situated just outside of the Moscow ring-road, the Kva-Kva (russian 'Kwa-Kwa') water park has numerous water slides to choose from, as well as a swimming pool, spa, Finnish sauna, Russian sauna with steam bath, Turkish bath, Japanese font Ofuro, as well as Sanarium and a huge sauna with a stove-attraction. In the Kva ...

The State Darwin Museum

The State Darwin Museum is one of the Moscow museums that may be interesting and enjoyable for both adults and children. The museum was growing and developing over the years. Today it is proud of rich collections and expositions presented here. The museum was established in 1907 and became the first museum of natural history in the world. One of the largest collections of birds, exposition of 'm...

Moscow State Puppet Theatre Moscow State Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov was founded in 1931. It's one of the most remarkable places to visit in Moscow, it's not only about kids' puppet show but also a parody theatre with a reference to Soviet and modern Russia political context. The founder was a prominent artist, writer and actor who staged 61 plays, the most famous are 'Extraord...

Moreon Water Park

One of the best water parks in Moscow, Moreon is just what you need for a day of family fun: wave pools, water slides and thermal baths will get your kids squealing with delight. Spend time on the sandy beach, work on your fitness, treat yourself to some SPA or have fun at the bowling lounge - great time is guaranteed. Moreon is home to several restaurants and bars, and is a perfect place for a bi...

Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Bulvar

Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is considered to be one of the best circuses in Russia and indeed worldwide. The building was constructed in 1880 through the efforts of a well-known businessman and circus actor Albert Salamonsky. Through illuminated advertising and inviting the best artists available, the circus attracted a lot of attention when it first opened its doors. Since then, the p...

The Palaeontological Museum The Palaeontological Museum is located in South-West Moscow. Made of red brick with towers and a patio it looks like a real shrine of science. There are six rooms that show the mysterious world of ancient plants and animals beginning with the most ancient and ending with the practically modern. Say 'Hello' to the mammoth skeleton - an icon of the Russian Paleontology....


One of Moscow’s largest indoor amusement parks, HAPPYLON Magic Park comprises 650 square meters of pure fun. 15 head-spinning rides, over 200 arcade machine, “Dragon Flight” roller coaster and a 5-storey labyrinth will turn up excitement to the max. The park also houses an autodrome, theatre, playroom area for children under 3 y/o and so much more.  ...

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