VII Norwegian Cinema Fest

Wed Oct 12th 2016 to Tue Oct 18th 2016

Event Details

The VII Norwegian Cinema Fest presents seven pictures having just one common trait - they form the list of the latest ones. So it's up to you to decide which one of these totally alike movies to pick up: may be this will be a historic action film “The Last King” or a comedy-drama “Grand Hotel”, a social comedy “Welcome to Norway” or teenager rock-musical “Dryads: Girls Don't Cry”, biopic of world chess champion “Magnus” or psychological thriller “Revenge”. To tell the truth they do have another thing in common: they all are dedicated to leaders, brave and strong people who are not afraid to keep going. And what is also true - they are all worth seeing. As for kids they will be delighted by the seventh movie - a cartoon story “Solan and Ludwig: The Cheese Race”. The fest will also take place at Aurora cinema, Saint-Petersburg (October, 26-30).