Russian Stove Dishes

Mon Jun 19th 2017 to Sat Jul 15th 2017
1st Monetchikovskiy lane, 5, Moscow Region, Moscow-

Event Details

Have you tried Russian kitchen? Probably not because the real one is impossible without an authentic Russian stove! Don't worry: Oblomov invites you to try delicious dishes prepared in the stove such as veal cheeks with buck-wheat, zander baked with mashed potatoes, and pork ribs baked in kvass.
Russian stove gives a very special taste to meal as crockery doesn't contact the open fire, and the heat spreads evenly, with no abrupt junctions. That is why the meal is not boiling or roasting but stewing. Even simple kasha becomes a culinary masterpiece prepared that way. So you just can't miss it - only in summer! 

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