New Menu in Madam Wang

Wed May 3rd 2017 to Fri Jun 30th 2017
, Moscow
Madam Wong

Event Details

Dmitry Zotov, Madame Wong’s brand chief and inspirer, has return from his journey to Macau bringing some secret recipes for his guests. After being a Portugal settlement for 442 years Macau is an example of a unique fusion and outstanding diversity in all aspects of everyday life. This is also about food: European and Chinese gastronomic traditions together became a very special kitchen mixing up best features of different parts of world. East and West are so much tastier aside!
Everyone who likes to be pleasantly surprised is invited to order and enjoy some of these remarkable positions from new menu:
- sea bass carpaccio with avocado (620 rub)
- anchovy with garlic and pepper (430 rub)
- pig with miso (850 rub)
- crispy chicken with African spices (710 rub)
- king crab with fried noodles (800 rub)
and many others.